Monday, September 20, 2010

Yee- Haw!

One word... R-O-D-E-O !!!

I was able in the last few months to attend not one, but two amazing and historic rodeos.

The first one was the St. Paul Rodeo in , St. Paul Oregon.

This Rodeo celebrated it's 75th anniversary on July 4th with some of America's best bronk and bull riders. The town of St. Paul has a population of 400 and something that swells till people are parking miles down the road.

One super feature is a BBQ Cook-off. Talk about tasty! For a small fee you can sample and then get a nice sized serving of one of many folks BBQs that say - they are the best. I am still dreaming about the sauce.....

The second Rodeo I attended was the Pendleton Round-up.

Now this is not just a Rodeo. This is a Rodeo beyond all other Rodeos. When we asked a former Pendleton local what is a so significant he stated, "everything!". There was shopping, eating, entertainment, a carnival, parade, Native American beauty pageant. Even during the Rodeo there were new things for me to watch, such as Indian bareback horse races.

There were some of the best riders in the world present, with scores higher than I have seen before. Granted I would have given them all a perfect score, but who am I to judge.

This was one you should not miss. If it's not a goal for you to attend, make it one!