Monday, June 23, 2008

North Carolina

I had such a GREAT time!

Last Tuesday I headed out with the Gallagher's to visit the Grandparents in North Carolina. The drive took 8 hrs with stops for dinner and traffic delays.

Ryan spent most of his days golfing with his grandpa so that left Lisa, Megan and I to hit the Beach. I LOVE THE BEACH!!!! I have learned from past experiences and slathered myself with sunscreen. No sunburns here! The only nuisance we had was the seagulls. Man are they obnoxious. they would swarm around you if you had any food.

(seagull swarm)

(watchin' the waves)

Our one day we had Ryan with us we went to the Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. This is the only Hard Rock Park in the world. Our thought is that it has... allot of potential. There was only one ride that was a thrill, Led Zeppelin- The Ride.

(Hard Rock Park)

(Led Zeppelin- The Ride)

We came back on Sunday with the same traveling conditions as before. Hooray!

Lisa gave me permission to take her car and daughter again anytime this summer.... hmmm... tempting!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Address

I have officially moved back in with The Gallaghers for the summer!

12706 Maryvale Ct. Ellicott City Md 21042

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keepin' It Real Tag

My sister Darilyn tagged me for this. The rules are you have to take ten pictures of the following things. And you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping the snot from your child's nose. Then you tag five others. So here it goes.

1. The Fridge
This is a picture of my shelf in the fridge. I am thinking that condiments may be a family thing.

2. Your closet

3. Kitchen sink
I promise I have not been "doctoring" the photos, it just might be my lucky day!

4. Toilet
This is the newly remodeled bathroom. Oooooooh, Aaaaaahhhh!

5. Your favorite shoes
Do slippers count? I love these! All soft and squishy, yet lots of toe wiggle.

6. Favorite room
I don't really have one I am particularly attached to at the moment. This one used to be my study room, but my desk is gone now. I do go here every day though, and hide away with a book or a movie.

7. What your kids are doing right now
Well... since I don't have any kids this one was a hard one. I tried to take some random photos of Ryan and Megan Gallagher, but they did not work. So here is one of Megan and Sam in NY. Megan is on the right.

8. Laundry pile
(smile) I did my laundry yesterday!

9. Self Portrait

I just got my haircut today so you all get the oh so rare straight hair shots. I even threw in a self portrait side view. (Oh ya, if you take the shot from above it helps eliminate the double chin!)

10. Dream Vacation
I have been sitting here trying to think of "the dream vacation". I can only narrow it down to three.




I tag Heidi, Nellie, Ganine, Jessica P, and Jamie L. I look forward to reading/viewing all your blogs!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Like a Vampire....

Every day at work at the hospital I get to have a little chuckle to myself.

One of my tasks as a Patient Care Tech is to do blood draws. I still remember being nervous the first few times I stuck someone. Now I just waltz into the room with my little kit in hand and announce, "I'm here for a little blood!" I then proceed to set up my stuff with am impish smile on my face, and a chuckle inside. This chuckle comes from the fact that I cannot help but think to myself, "I like to draw blood, I do it well, like a vampire!"

I admit that this new boost of confidence has come from my recent completion of reading Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series again. Is this wrong? I have to think not since if I am enjoying it more my patients have to be also...right?

I love this series.

I am in anticipation of the next addition to the series. I am also quite curious about the significance of the book jacket cover.....