Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50 Things #28

28. Read all of Jane Austen's Novels.

Last night, or pretty much early this morning I accomplished this goal. All I had left was Lady Susan, and since I could not sleep, why not?

Amazingly this goal has not taken very long to accomplish. My favorite? Pride and Prejudice. I love the whit that Elizabeth gets to have. Granted pretty much all of Austen's novels have witty characters, I just like this one the best.

Well one more done, and many more to have fun planning and accomplishing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Share a Memory

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love ......

Need I say more?

Blueberry Picking

Besides the little roadside rush into the brushes for a handful of berries I have not been berry picking in years. When D suggested this during my stay in Oregon I was almost jumping up and down saying lets go, lets go.

When we were little we spent a good part of our summer picking berries out behind Our Aunt and Uncles barn up the Coos River. When the Aunts would come and visit from Utah or other far away places we would get to venture up the river more to other less picked areas. These memories were are a mixture of sunburns, pricked fingers, and warm blackberries melting in your mouth.

My favorite part was actually the making of the Jam. Well, not actually the making of the jam, but the fist bite of homemade bread spread with the "foam" that settled on the top of the jam while stirring. The foam had to be spooned off so it would not get mixed in with the pure preserves to be bottled.

Blueberry picking with D and the girls was fun. It took a few minutes not to feel guilty about "testing" the blueberries as we picked. I was reassured that this was how it was done, the owners expected it. Hmmmmm, fresh berries.

It took less than an hour to get the amount we wanted. We then went to the cutest and yummiest cafe. I would tell you were, but I cannot remember. I just know that my heaven will look alot like this. The restaurant itself was quaint with stained glass and antique cool things everywhere. But I loved the view overlooking the market across the street. The feeling of being out in nowhereville with only the locals, but knowing that Portland was only a short distance away. Ahhhhh, just thinking about it again makes me all happy inside.

Portland Rose Garden

Another adventure we had while I was in Portland was visiting the Portland Rose Garden. I could not believe that Darilyn had not been there. Granted I had never been there either, but she lives in Portland! :) I really did not have any expectations besides seeing a few roses. We were definitely treated to one fine hour of strolling along one beautiful rose path to another. The Girls had a good time running around and smelling different roses and coming back to show us which ones where their favorite.

Heidi and Emma

The Portland Rose Garden in an International test garden for roses. Truthfully I don't really know what that means. I am sure I could look it up, but I am happy in my ignorance. I cannot remember the name of my favorite rose, but I could point out to you exactly where it was.


Self Portrait with Leann Rhimes (there was actually a rose named after her!)

Every once in a while we would be walking and Darilyn and I would say at the same time, "That smelled just like Grandma." Grandma Johns had a huge fondness for roses and owned more than one bottle of rose scented perfume. Often when I would go over to her house I would spend most of my time in her room, going through and organizing her jewelry (really so I could gaze at each treasure), and smelling each one of her perfumes. I am surprised my mom never stopped me since after spraying 5 bottles of different rose scents I am sure I could be smelled all the way to the High School (2 blocks)

Grandmas Flower

Heidi and Emma

Farewell Rose Garden, till next year!

Seaside Oregon

During my stay in Oregon my sister and I and Heidi and Emma took a day trip to Seaside Oregon. Darilyn had been wanting to show me this town for a while now. I love the beach! Of course I could not object to the excursion!

On the drive down we stopped at the Roadkill Jerky Stand. The name of the stand should have kept us away, but luckily Darilyn knew better. They had salmon, bison, elk, venison, and beef. We settled for the venison teriaky (or was it elk?) and a bag of cherries. Emma, Darilyn and I went through he jerky pretty fast and realized Heidi went through the whole bag of cherries just as fast. We had to laugh at the red stained lips of Heidi as she gave us her impish smile!

The little town of Seaside is so great! I love the small town feel with the beach boardwalk entertainment. Emma loved the carousel while we had to almost drag Heidi out of the 25 cent arcade. Luckily we ran out of quarters before too much damage could be done! The weather was chilly and of course we did not bring our sweatshirts. (we are in Oregon, why didn't we think of that!) We ended getting some great deals and purchased some cute touristy ones.

Emma on the Carousel

We spent an hour or so lounging and playing on the beach. The wind was blowing pretty hard but that did not deter us. Afterwards we piled back in the car and enjoyed a nice drive home.

Heidi loves the Sand

Modeling our sweatshirts (except Emma, she did not want to get it dirty.)

The May Family

Here are some great shots of my sisters family.
Names: Chris, Darilyn, Makenzie (13), Emma (10), Heidi (8).

Family Reunion 2008

I think I should have written this when we came home from FR a week ago. Since right now I am listening to my nieces being oh so sassy and wanting to lock them in their room. Family, gotta love them!

Uncle Art and his Grand-baby Andrew

Family reunion this year was held at Camp Attitude in Sweet Home Oregon. We had 60 plus family there. There were tons of kids and the laughter just kept going. Kathy and Andria were in charge this year and kept our schedules packed. We had field games, nature walks, a day at the lake, talent night, Our own "Amazing Race", dutch oven cook off, and much, much, more.

Uncle Clair

Mathew (2nd Cousin) and Kerry (Cousin)

Fun and GAmes

Makenzie (niece), Heidi (niece), Zack (2nd cousin)

Hoe-Down Time!

4th of July Parade

Service Project (Connor- 2nd Cousin)

Alisa (cousin) performing a belly dance for talent night.

One of the much mores was the food. Our family loves food. My cousin Kristi and her family brought down their Snow Cone and Cotton Candy machines. This was a family favorite!

Kayla (my second cousin) Enjoying cotton Candy

Dutch Oven Cooking

Caleb (2nd cousin)

What I love the most is all the family being together. My Aunts and Uncles are not getting any younger, and health is not the strongest in some. We never know each time we see them if it will be the last. This year I won the prize for traveling the farthest to be there. We did have Some family come from Ohio and Indiana though. It is so great to see such a mixture of family that does not get to see each other often.

By the end of the week you could see folks taking naps at random times in random places. Our final morning we stuffed (literally) me and my sisters family in the van with ALL of our stuff and bikes. Picked up some KFC and headed down the road to revisit memories in our head.

Chris (brother in law)

Connor (2nd cousin)

Us and the KFC

Our next one is scheduled two years from now and I am scheduled to plan two years after that. It is crazy to think about where I might be 4 years from now, but I am sure the time will fly!

(most of the photos are compliments of Will Wood - cousin in law)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beth's Wedding

On Saturday the 28th of June my friend Beth got married to Greg Whitesell. (This is the same friend that I took a trip to St.Michaels with.)

The day started out early as I picked her up at her parents to take her to the wedding site. We were almost there when she realized that she did not have her wedding license. We quickly resolved that issue and continued to prepare for the big day.

We started with make-up, moved on to hair, and finished with her beautiful gown, veil and tiara. I felt so honored and proud to be the one helping her.

Pictures followed and after a quick touch-up on the hair and makeup she was ready to walk down the isle. (after all it was already over 80 degrees and oh so humid by 10:30 am.) Beth was a beauty ad Greg looked dashing. I don't think anyone could resist a smile on their face. I know I had a hard time keeping the tears at bay!

After many more hours of food and visiting Greg and Beth "Took the Plunge" with all the little kids and started their new life together!

Thank you Linda for working so hard to make this day special for Beth.

Beth and Greg.....Hooray and Congratulations!