Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Oregon Things That Just Make Me Laugh!

I never laugh as hard as when I am with my sister!

Heidi is the biggest Rock Star in training I have even met. If I even had a smidget of her energy and confidence!

Only in Oregon can you see a Christmas light show all made into sea animals!

Hillsboro, affectionalty called "Hillsburrito" has the best little Mexican trailers parked everywhere!

To end our Christmas we burnt the house down... literally!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas: Oregon Days 13-15

Aunt Sue (She is actually Chris May's Aunt, but we all call her aunt Sue) arrived on Monday Morning. This day was spent doing the last minute food shopping and gift wrapping. Then in the evening Darilyn prepared a nice sit down meal that of course, the girls did not want to eat. They soon decided that it would be good to at least try the food when they saw the giant chocolate cake in reserve for dessert.

Christmas day: The girls were all in a rush to open their stockings and gifts,

even Sam got his share in unwrapping and destroying.

Later that day The Neumans (Chris's family) came up from Coburg to share in the festivities. We had good food and great laughs. The day would not have been completed without a torture session on Uncle Ross. (Chris's brother).

That evening we went as a family to see National Treasure II
(Love that Nicolas Cage)

and then we split and half went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks while the other saw the Golden Compass. Over all, Great Christmas!

The day after was spent returning and exchanging a few items,playing all the new toys, and spending some last minutes with Ant Sue!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas' The Night Before Christmas....

Twas' the night before Christmas
and all through the May's house,

not a creature was stirring
not even a - mouse eating cat.

The stockings were hung on the ladder with care,
In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of sugar coated cookies danced in their heads.

Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap,
had just settled down for a long winters nap.

(This is all I had patience for.. Merry Christmas!)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visiting With Family: Oregon Days 10-12

On Thursday, while nursing a nasty cold, we received a visit from our Dad Jay, an our step mom Lada. Even though I was not in the most sociable mood I was not worried since I had a few days with them. Thursday we visited during dinner and then the May fam and I headed off to the Mall for some an evening of shopping. D-lyn and I branched off from Chris and the Girls so they could shop for D-lyn. We ran into them at one point in Claire's. A funny store for them to be in since they were supposed to be shopping for Darilyn. But.... Heidi was quite excited t show us the cup that she had "always wanted".

We busted up laughing so hard. We did have to console her though and reinforce that the cup was very pretty. Ahh the innocence of 7 yr olds!

Friday we went together to Saturday Market. I was glad that I had gone previously, since everything looked very good and tempting today. Luckily I had already gotten my skirt and now could shop for whatever. Sue, our favorite purse lady was not there. This was sad since this was her last year and I wanted to discuss some alterations on a purse I wanted. I ended up taking a picture of the bag I wanted with the hopes of calling her and ordering one later.

An Empty room in the Skidmore Fountain Bldg.

Friday night we ate a scrumptious meal at Chili's. I did not hear a complaint from anyone about their meal, and as you can see, plates were nearly cleared!

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast at church and watched Heidi
(the 7yr old with the cup earlier)

and her dance class perform a couple routines. Afterwards half the family took off to go snowboarding

while the rest of us paid tribute to Grandma and Grandpa Wittenhagen,

and do some housecleaning. The visit was wrapped up with a drive up cooper mtn to see lights.Over all a nice and relaxing visit.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Mad Dash: Oregon Days 7- 9

Jorjia enjoying the tree and presents!

It is less than a week until Christmas and there is much more shopping to do! Monday was spent running errands while enjoying a little window shopping. That might we went to Makenzie's Winter concert. We were wondering what happened to the days of holiday songs? Out of the 13 or so we heard there were only 2 that could pass.

Tuesday was more errands and then activity days at the church.

Wednesday Darilyn and I set aside for a fun day. We tried to find a new Tea shop to try, but were short on luck there. We ended up with Jamba juice to help ward off our colds. We then headed down town to take browse in Saturday Market. It is a Portland Artisan Market that is usually open on Sat/Sun, but for the week before Christmas it is open every day. Las year I got the best skirt there and I was dying to find out if they were there again this year. I was pretty worried but there they were "The shabby knapsack". D-lyn and I tried on about 5 apiece and there it was, hanging on the display, the perfect skirt. I bought it up and am looking forward to wearing it this Friday when I go back with the whole family. Afterwards we had a great lunch fro the little Thai cart.

A View From on Top, of the parking Garage.

A View from the Street.

Saturday Market

The Little Thai Cart

Wed night we had some extended family come over for dinner.

Heidi, Emma, Maddie, Kaylee, Zack, and Makenzie decorating cookies.

Jenny and Little Andrew.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Baking We Shall Go: Oregon Days 5-6

Saturday was a day of getting the furnace fixed and Christmas shopping. Why is it that everything seems cuter when you are thousands of miles away from where you live? Lucky for me I have enough sense not to purchase anything that
1.) I would have to put in storage back in MD, and
2.) That would be complicated to transport back to MD.
It has kept my budget allot longer in my wallet.

Sunday was baking day. We hit the counters with a batch of "The Pioneer Woman"'s cinnamon Rolls. Making 7 pans and taking d-lyn 7 hrs, I think we should offer to rename them the lucky 7 rolls. Well maybe the tasty seven rolls, or the magical 7 rolls since they disappear within 7 seconds. We also made some Pecan Vanilla Toffee. I had never made toffee but felt safe with a recipe from Sunset Mag. These also tasted especially good since we used D-lyn's secret ingredient. (I'd tell ya what it is but then it would be a secret would it?)

Heres a picture of the "Magical 7's" and the "Secret Tasty Toffee"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Panes, Trains, and Automobiles:Oregon Days 1-4

I cannot believe that I have only been here 4 days! What a whirlwind! Tuesday was s great reunion with Darilyn and her family. Heidi took one look and me and said;"You look just like, but different from, well, you know". Wednesday I took off again to visit the family in Coos Bay.I had purchased what I thought was a train ticket to Eugene, but in reality was seated on a bus for a 2.5 hr drive. I really had no complaints though, since the ride was speedy and we all had our own seat. Wednesday night through Fri morning I spent with my parents. It was fun. I wore them out completely! I wont enclose the photo of my mom passed out at the Rood farm. But it was a good one! Friday was sad goodbyes at the train station (to catch my bus) and I was back up to Portland for Book Club. What I have to say about that is... Bunko Babes, we have some good competition for the group with good food and great laughs!

This is the ceiling at Union Station Portland.

The Wayside Inn, Drain, Oregon: We stopped here for linner on the way home to Coos Bay and for brunch on the way back to Eugene. It is a small diner with its usual crowd of regulars, and home cooked food.

These are photos form our visit to Shore Acres. You can tell it is an Oregon light show by the not so traditional light displays of fish and sea animals.

Charleston, Oregon

The last one standing: The last Bull to be on the Rood Farm.

Bandon, Oregon


A Drive in Oregon

The Elk

Book Club