Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Gathering of Friends

Every year my Book Club group does a beach retreat. This year, since I live near the beach, I got to host. Now we aren't the typical book club group. I don't know how much book talk we do. The history, if I'm not mistaken, is that the group used to be larger and everyone lived near each other. Then as it usually goes, everyone started moving. This group comprised of 2 from Beaverton, 2 from St.Helens, 1 from California, and me, Coos Bay.

We actually did talk about a book. Since I live in Coos Bay it was a goal of some to read "A Gathering of Finches", by Jane Kirkpatrick. This book tells the tale of Cassie Hendrick Stearns Simpson. You might recognize the name Simpson there. She is one of  "The Simpson's" That the Simpson's of Shore Acres is known for. The book has tons of details about the beginnings of North Bend, Empire, and surrounding areas. A great read for anyone, especially if you live in this area!
 Our Adventure Begins: Simpson Reef
  The group at Shore Acres Botanical Garden
 Oregon Roots: Candy, Merilee, Renee, Darilyn, Aundrea, Me!
Simpson Beach

Adventureing: New River

New River is a Wetlands area just south of Bandon. There are paved trails mixed with a few well traveled paths. The distance can range from one mile, to about 3. You can walk out along the marsh for some beautiful New River views. Along these paths there is an old natural cranberry bog that is being reclaimed by the natural regrowth. There is also Muddy Lake, a small, but serene lake you can sit in a little hut and bird watch, ect. There is another trail along the other side of the Greeting Center. I haven't done this one yet, but am looking forward to it!

  New River

                     New River Marshes
Tracy at Muddy Lake
Muddy Lake

11 & 10 Months To A Better Me!

I failed on the once a month goal so far. Oh well. To follow up with my previous goals... And set some new ones.....

Record all food and stay within allotted calorie budget: I did pretty good here. I did have a few days that I did not record, on purpose. After devouring a whole 20 piece Chicken Nuggets I couldn't face the facts. (approx. 900). And memorial day, a day for eating whatever I want. I have done well though and have carved a few more pounds off.

New Goal: Run three times a week, with a long hike/walk on an alternate day.

Read Scriptures daily: Failed this one. I have felt the spirit stronger in my Church attendance though. I think I'll keep this one a bit longer.

New Goal: Read the Scriptures daily.

Hang with friends once a week: I think I have done good with this. Does Visiting Teaching count? I have not felt the social isolation that I can sometimes feel.

New Goal: Have a friend, or friends over to my house twice a month.

Well here goes.... Let's Better Me!