Sunday, August 26, 2007

Schedule for me!

My lovely Sister decided that she just did not know how she would be able to manage this semester without me posting my schedule to refer to. This way she would be able to know when to contact me the easiest. She suggested that I hand write the schedule and scan it in.. well.. my skills are not that...skilled, but here it is.. for now. It is subjected to changes!

Monday: Class from 12-3
Tuesday: Clinicals from 7-3:30, Group Study 7-10pm
Wednesday: Lab Tech 7:30-9:30am, Nanny 2:30-7
Thursday: Lab Tech 7:30-9:30am, Class from 12-3, Nanny 3:00-7
Friday: Lab Tech 7:30-9:30am, Work 10:00-2
Sat: Lab Tech 8:00-10am

Then add in Haircuts, online class-work, church stuff, and tons of studying..there you go!

The Land that I Love!

The TYPE of land that is!

I love the beach. Sand squishy through my toes, dodging seagulls, and depending on if you are on the east or west coast, yummy boardwalk food, or rock climbing. There is always the occasional shell collection, or if you are privy to some of my Thailand stories, occasional hidden animal collection (another blog in itself). A couple weeks ago I got to take Megan Gallagher and her cousin Chelsea to the beach for 3 days. We spent time laying in the sun on the sand, body surfing over the waves, wave diving, and watching all the "hot guys". Megan had a good laugh when I first dived in the waves and came out with the response, "It's salty!". Her reply, "Miss Krista, it is the ocean." Besides actually being at the beach we strolled and shopped all the boardwalk shops. Bethany and Rehobeth boardwalk shops range from the tourist seashell shops to the latest surf and skate wear. Over all we had a really fun time, and will laugh at our memories for some time.

Bethany Beach from a balcony.

Little Fishy in my drink!

Meg and Chels

Chelsea and her "Shark Attack!"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Random Miracle

A few month ago I came out to my car to see that my front license plate was missing. I was just thinking "punk kids", or that it got dislodged in the windstorm the day before. I did not bother to take the time at the moment to report it since I did not want to make the drive to the DMV to replace it. Well..... the other day when I was too lazy to go to the gym (I usually go around 6:00 am) I woke up to a loud banging on my front door. I really did not know what to think since it was still about 6:00 am. When I saw it was a police officer I was immediately thinking "punk kids strike again!" But he greeted me with a smile and asked, "Is this yours?" Behold my license plate. It had been turned in at a gas station in Clarksville. The cop and I had a good laugh when I told him how long it was missing. I am glad he laughed since it is illegal to drive your car here without the front plate. He was nice. I was happy. And a random miracle ruled the day!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tye Dye Mania!

This week Megan Gallagher and I decided to do a little Tye dye. We searched out the dyes, picked out our items and settled in for an adventure. The adventure got even more adventurous when it started raining outside. Luckily the Gallaghers have a large garage that we could use. The down side is that her brother had just spent the previous week painting the floor of the garage. We were still determined though. We set out a rather large tarp and strategically placed out 5 buckets of dye.

We quickly learned that we had enough dye for a whole summer camp to use, but we were still happy with out sheets, pillowcases, and t-shirt the next day when we pulled them out of the dryer!