Friday, July 20, 2012

9 Months to A Better Me!

Oh the stories I can tell.

Run three times a week, with a long hike/walk on an alternate day: This started out great!!! I really liked starting to run. Then I had to stop due to my tumor and surgery. Darn. Now I am doing the opposite and hoping that I don't resemble jello jigglers when I start back up.

New Goal: I am going to revert back to keeping within daily calorie limits. I will also make a more conscious effort to eat more nutritional foods. I am experimenting with Chia seeds.

Read the Scriptures daily: I don't know why I have such a hard time with this.  I quote the scriptures daily....

New Goal: Ahem. Read the Scriptures Daily.

Have a friend, or friends to my house twice a month: This has actually been pretty easy, and very rewarding.

New Goal: Have an evening out this month. I find that I do most of my activities in the daylight. Time to spice it up and take in some nightlife.

Adventuring: The North Spit

I had this adventure on my list for a while. After reading the description online and pulling into the parking lot I was sooooo excited. Sand, water, paths, equals prettiness. The beginning brought no disappointment. Then the trail ended.

Lower path North Spit
  I circled around to follow a different trail that had a bridge, and I love bridges. Then after a few feet, that trail ended. Finally, after wandering around the lakes, and making my own trails, I found the actual trail.
 The directions can be found here. Remember to go to the top of the road. The trail will then start in the back. It is all sand dunes. So be prepared.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adventuring: Sisters Rocks

Blink and you miss it. That's what you have to remind yourself when your looking for Sisters Rocks State Park. The area itself consists of two beautiful beaches, a cave, and lots of exploring areas. It also is the home to multiple starfish, other sea creatures, and pelicans. Look for a little gravel area between mileposts 314 and 315 on Oregon's Hwy 101.
Sisters Rocks
The Third Sister

Side entrance to the cave