Thursday, March 2, 2017

Habits for Health and Happiness: Weeks 1 - 3

Since my new habit goals are set for one a week, and I didn't get my posts going until recently, I have a few weeks to catch you up on! 

Week 1: Stop the Soda

I chose this for my first week habit since it was in my hand, literally! I have done posts before about my love for soda, the fizz, the burn, the addiction. As good as the taste is to me it does horrible things to my body! I would feel bloated, slow, and sometimes get a weird taste in my mouth afterwards. 
In a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine (Sept 2017) the researchers link drinking soda, particularly diet soda with increased coronary heart disease. That risk is increased even more with ages over 40! You can say I'm motivated to keep this habit permanent! 

Week 2: Write down what you eat

Have you ever written down everything you've eaten in a day, a week? You think to yourself, "I'm eating so healthy", until you actually look at it. Did I really have chocolate that many times this week? Being accountable for what you eat I feel is one if the hugest steps to moving forward with good Heath. Take notice of what is written down. Do you see patterns? Are you eating more late at night? 

Week 3: Get some apps to help you out! 

We live in an electronic world, take advantage of that! A few I like are My Fitness Pal, iMacros, and Map my fitness. 
With My Fitness Pal you can log foods eaten, water drank, and exercise. You can link it with a lot of other apps such as Map My Fittness. Map My Fittness will track your movement to allow you to see how far and fast you go. I love to use it on my hikes. It's even saved me from getting lost a couple times since it shows you on a map where you are and where you've been. 
IMacro is my newest. Truthfully I don't love it, yet besides tracking calories it has the points system like Weight Watchers. I figure it's good to try new things. 

Citation for Soda
Gardener, H., Rundek, T., Markert, M. et al. J GEN INTERN MED (2012) 27: 1120. doi:10.1007/s11606-011-1968-2

Saturday, February 25, 2017

52 Habits for Health and Happiness

I have decided to take a different approach to accomplishing my 2017 goals to be healthier. So often you will start the new year with all these plans for great health and a perfect lifestyle. Immediately incorporating healthy food, exercise, and trying to change personal daily habits. How long does it last? A month? Two months? Then it's back into the choices that had you auditioning for the next couch potato award. This has happened to me over and over again. 

This year I am taking a different approach to accomplish the changes I want to make in my life. I have come up with my "52 Habits for Health and Happiness". Instead of overwhelming myself with my list of do's and don'ts each week of the year (that's why there are 52) I will focus on a new habit each week. The goal is to take a week to make each habit well, a habit. Then the next week continue with the habit I have formed and add in a new one. The end result is that in a year I will have accomplished a transformation of health and happiness! 

I welcome any of you to join me. Of course you can change or rearrange the goals to fit your needs and lifestyle. I might even change up some as I go along! I am also adding in a before photo. I'm curious to see how the new habits I make change how others see me. 

52 habits to health and happiness 

1. Stop the soda
2. Write down what you eat
3. Get some apps to help you out
4. Cut out the extra sugar 
5. No more fast food
6. Give up gluten
7. Bring your lunch to work
8. Exercise 3 days a week for 30 min for 2 weeks 
9. 3-5 minute stretch every morning 
10. Exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes for two weeks 
11. Drink adequate amount of water daily
12. Exercise 5 days a week for 45-60 min 
13. Stay within portion guidelines 
14. Limit dairy
15. Re-evaluate your breakfast (get your fiber in) 
16. evaluate your caffeine intake
17. No more added salt
18. Call/text a family member daily 
19. Know the good fads: top healthiest foods
20. Write down your stress triggers 
21. Know the good fads: essential oil to destress 
22. Count to 10 when your upset 
23. Pass on the processed meats 
24. Get at least 6 hrs of sleep a night 
25. Meditate/self reflect each morning for 5 minutes 
26. Know the good fads: oils
27. Practice yoga once a week for two weeks
28. Meditate/self reflect for 5 minutes each morning and night 
29. Practice yoga twice a week
30. Listen to your body 
31. Limit the fatty meats
32. Have at least one meatless day a week 
33. Compliment yourself daily
34. Get your steps in
35. Give someone a compliment daily
36. Eat one raw meal daily 
37. Limit yourself to 10 hrs of TV/movies a week 
38. Floss after every meal 
39. MD optometrist 
40. Incorporate weights into your exercise 1 day a week for two weeks 
41. MD dentist
42. Incorporate weights into your exercise 2 days a week  
43. MD women's/men's 
44. Limit yourself to only 1 hr of social media a day
45. MD PCP
46. Watch your sarcasm
47. Let your faith be bigger 
48. Consciously serve others 
49. Plan/register for a challenging physical activity 
50. Plan something to look forward to 
51. Let go of past grudges/forgive others 
52. Journal 

Make your bed daily 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Open Your Eyes and See"

"Open your eyes and see" was the theme to this years Beaverton Oregon West Stakes, Young Woman, High Adventure. For the last four years I have had the privilege to accompany this group to be their camp nurse. 

The adventure is outdoors and usually us something the girls might not normally have the opportunity to do. 

My carload of girls were spunky and energetic so getting there provided fun opportunities to get out, stretch our legs, and get some fun photos. 

Wilson Ranches Retreat in Fossil Oregon was our destination. Here we were able to have the girls go horseback riding, play games, and spend twenty-four hours unplugged from electronics and the daily evils temping our lives. One girl stated as she got off her horse, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever done". 

The family that owns the ranch were able to provide service opportunities in town in cleaning around the courthouses and the fairgrounds. 

The next day we dug for fossils and feasted our eyes on the beauty of the Painted Hills. 

Throughout the scriptures there are stories of when the savior would perform miracles and the followers would forget. There were also times when the savior would walk among them and they wound not, could not see him. Open your eyes and see. Open your eyes to the beauty around you, in nature and the good deeds of others. Choose to see the saviors hand in your life and in the lives of others. 

The two days I was able to spend with the girls of the BOWS YW High Adventure I was able to see their love for thief savior radiate through them. I was able to see the light of Christ shine through the righteous decisions these girls make. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Last 20ish Years...

I recently got back in touch with a roommate from when I was about 19. She asked what I had been up to for the last 20 years. Great question, what have I been up to? So here is a little summary of my life for the past 20ish years!!! 

From Eugene Oregon moved to Utah. Worked in some pizzerias, made some lifelong friends, decided to serve a mission, received endowments in Manti Utah Temple.

Served mission in Manchester NH mission. Served some amazing people, Learned how to love all men, fell in love with church history (and Ben & Jerrys ice cream!).

Lived in Utah along university ave near BYU. Served in Relief Society presidency in various positions and became a temple ordinance worker in the Provo temple.  Went to cosmetology school and then worked in a couple salons. Made more lifelong friendships. Learned to value all people and tried to make sure they felt included. Another random calling I had was the co-chair for group dates. Yes, my ward experimented with having us randomly match everyone up on large group dates. The point was to get everyone comfortable with just dating. (I did have a wedding come out of it though- great story!)

Lived in Coos Bay Oregon. Worked at a craft store and another pizzeria! I'm still not sure the purpose of this move or what I was to learn. 

Moved to Chelan Washington. I got my CNA license working at a long term care facility. I loved the dry summer days! I did a lot of country line dancing and served in the YW. 

Back to Utah. This time I lived west of University ave. I met some great people here. Intelligent, caring. I did hair at a salon and picked up the hobby of genealogy. I got to teach this class and really enjoyed the seeking of ancestors. Served again in the Provo Temple as an ordinance worker. 

Maryland! I became a nanny. Worked with one family for a little over a year, then took some time off for a college math class and sold health insurance. I then worked for a family full time for over a year, then part time for 4 more. I went to college and got an associate degree in science and license as a RN. I served in YW, stake YSA, and was the 4th year leader at girls camp for 3 yrs. I got to explore our nations history, as well as continuing my love for church history. I served in the DC temple as an ordinance worker, and kindled friendships with some amazing people. 

Family called me home to Oregon and I lived in Coburg for a couple years working first as a RN in cottage grove, then in Eugene in HH/hospice. 

After my dads death I moved to coos bay and worked at the hospital there. Even after my mom sold the family farm and moved to Beaverton I stayed in CB and had a great time learning to preserve food, hiking, exploring, and living life. Got my bachelors of science RN through an online college. I expanded my nursing skills as a clinical educator for the local college nursing program. Taught Sunday school 16-17yr olds and more YW! 

Seeing that my nieces would be gone before I knew it I moved to Portland almost two years ago and am working at Portland providence. I love being close to my immediate family and participating in the last years at home my nieces have. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Diet Coke

Last fall I successfully gave up Diet Coke. I say Diet Coke loosely since I also loved Diet Pepsi. These had to be the full caffeine versions, and not the knock-off colas. Man I loved me a "fresh" Diet Coke from McDonald's. Only 1.00$, cool and refreshing. How could I go wrong? Well, besides my health. Trying to get a grasp on my health I eliminated these refreshing beverages from my life. Every once in a while I'd order one at a restaurant but in general, finished. 

What is it about summer time??? Knowing that the temperatures are rising, and cooling off by a river, lake or pool is in my near future. All I want is a Diet Coke! 

"One large Diet Coke please" -sip -fizzy burn -enjoy!!! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I've posted before about my struggles of being healthy and loosing weight. It feels to be a constant uphill battle. 

Today though I'm posting on the joys of just being somewhat healthy. 

I have felt the last few days that creeping joyful feeling. Whenever I have felt this I'm like, what? What can be causing this joyful feeling. I have so many stressors and feelings of doubt! I have rounded the feeling to be coming from the feeling of health! 

I'm still overweight. I'm still far from my baseline of hiking and walking stamina. I still have trouble with my ears. Yet, I can walk!!! I can breath out of both nostrils!!! I am able to work again and will soon have a regular income again!!! I have great family that lives near enough to see multiple times a week!!! 

Health is defined and described in different ways. Today I'm celebrating my health that I'm alive and self-sufficient! 

What's your description of health today! 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Make new friends, but always keep the old!

In case you need a reminder I have moved over 40 times in my life. I am fortunate in that each time I moved I was able to make new friends and start new adventures. The hard part was saying goodbye to the friends I had made and hope and pray that we would stay in touch. This has not been easy. 

Keeping friendships alive over the miles can be a challenge. We physically may move and lose touch or mentally we may move apart with changing values or goals. I have found this true and sometimes mourn for past relationships that have grown apart and ended. 

This past year I have been blessed to be able to get in touch and rekindle friendships from days past. A kind of blending of my current life and progression here in Portland Oregon with some loving ties of friendships from my days in Maryland. 

Chey Brower and I met through the LDS institute program. She was an amazing instructor that inspired me to search deeper in the scriptures. Her understanding and love of the gospel radiated through her enabling her to help other young adults in their search for truth and meaning. She always had time to lend a listening ear and opened her heart and home to any in need. 

We were able to meet up again this winter here in Portland since her daughter Aubrey has moved here with her young family. 

Livia and I met also through the LDS institute program in Maryland. She was one of the first young adults to reach out to include me in activities and adventures. Her hometown was only a couple hours away in Virginia and we spent quit a few weekends there pestering her mamma and enjoying the country life. We have been able to rekindle our friendship since my move to Portland. Her adorable family is growing here in the PNW. Her mamma was even able to come visit after the birth of miss Georgette. 

Dan Mudget is another Maryland LDS institute friend. His family made a move from MD to Endland so I thought for sure I'd never see his face again. His military travels have taken him around the world and landed him in the PNW. It was a lovely surprise to hear from him again and meet his beautiful wife and family. 

It just shows that you never know how the people we meet will effect our lives. Some may be a flick of a memory while others are meant to be a flame of warm friendship forever!