Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventuring: Blacklock Point

Blacklock Point Trail is an easy to moderate trail that ends at a breathtaking view of the Ocean, a Historic Lighthouse, and some pretty spectacular cliffs. The trail directions HERE are really accurate to follow, except for the waterfall, couldn't find it.

This trail starts on a pretty boring note, being level and nothing particularly entertaining to look at. After the first intersection you start entering all the bogs. Here there are plenty of frogs, salamander, and fun little paths to cross. Even on a sunny day I would plan on wearing your waterproof shoes. After these you are more in a forested area with plenty of green-life. You eventually see a bit of sky and emerge out onto the cliffs. These cliffs are amazing. Ranging from black, to clay, to green. There is a trail along to the right that leads down to the Point. A little daunting especially with the wind, but worth the experience. I followed the trail towards Floras Lake till it merged again with my return trail. On this section I entered such diverse landscape. Truly enjoyed it!
The Beginning



Emerging from the trees.
What a view!

The Point

Black-rock Cliffs

Floras Lake Trail

Floras Lake Trail

Adventuring: Bolon Island

Bolon Island Trail is a short walk with a rewarding end. The trail is attainable and kept till the end where it empties into an unkempt meadow.  If you are into birdwatching this is one for you. Bring a blanket, sit, and watch. Access information HERE.

I had my eye on this one ever since a friend told me about the birds on the other side that, "nest and destroy the trees". I was appalled at these birds until I READ UP on them and informed myself better. The "hike" itself was a little disappointing since it was really a 4 minute walk to the end of the Island. The birds though were pretty impressive. I tried to catch their sound on video, but its kinda hard. Ignore the pretty normal bird sounds and listen for the deep melancholy sound.

Well, you may just have to go see them yourself.
The trail beginning:
 The trail ending:

Adventuring: Sweet Creek Falls

Sweet Creek Falls are located approx. 13 miles outside of Mapleton, Oregon. There is plenty of parking and two different access points to the trail. The hike is a gradual trail, dirt and rock, with catwalks and bridges. All along the trail you have a view of the creek with many different photo, or view admiration spots. You can get access and park information here.

On this particular day I just needed a day out in the sun and a little exercise. The trail was easy to locate, and since it was a weekend day plenty of fellow nature enjoyers were on the trails.

The first thing I noticed was the green, lots of green. Green leaves, green ferns, green moss.... Then the smell. Sweet Creek is right. The sun was warming the pine needles, dirt, and water to make a combined blissful aroma. In intervals the breeze would blow across the water cooling the air a bit. Heaven. As for the falls themselves, there were so many different levels to enjoy and try to capture.

I met a local on the trail who told me about another fall about a mile up the road. After spending an hour or so on Sweet Creek I decided to explore these other falls. I ended up being on the wrong trail, but got to see the lower and upper Sweet Creek Falls from the other side. I at least have another destination waterfall to see at some other point!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 Months to a Better Me.

I have done posts like this in the past, and after reading a few of them I thought I would give it a try. My focus right now, well I don't know if I have just one, I have many. I have however, been working on loosing weight and getting into shape. I have lost 30 lbs so far. I would love to say I have lost more, but lately every day I get on the treadmill I gain a lb. Kinda sucks. There are things I can focus on that will help.

Goal this month: Record all food, and stay within allotted calorie budget.

To really better myself I need to set goals in other areas besides weight loss. Spiritually I have been on the rise lately. To make it better I need to make sure I am reading my scriptures daily.

Goal this moth: Read scriptures daily.

And to balance out my life I need a little socialization. Hmmm, a hard one. Just to start slow, how about if I hang out with friends once a week.

Goal this month: Hang with friends one a week.

This is How I Roll...

UA= Ukraine. from my trip to Ukraine.
 DUX= Ducks. My tribute to the Oregon Ducks!
 White water rafting on the Rogue.
 From my cross-country drive.
 "Life is Good" in Bethany Beach, Maryland!!!
 Oregon Country Fair.
 Fun getaway!
 North Carolina= Fun and Sun!
 Girls Getaway.
A friends tribute from Hawaii.


I have a love for the outdoors. Whenever I get to explore a little I call it: Adventuring. Here's a few shots from my last adventure.