Sunday, August 30, 2015


I have been contemplating change and the effects it has for the good and bad. 

Last fall I made a huge change and moved myself to Portland Oregon, started a new job, and settled in to see how the changes would mold me. 

I love being near my family! It's a true rewarding joy to know that I can see them pretty much as often as I want. Soccer games, track meets, cheer practice and competitions, cross country meets, movie dates, lunch, dinner.... Love every minute of it! 

The job has been harder. I have met amazing and inspiring people and learned new techniques and procedures. It has also introduced a new level of exhaustion with the erratic scheduling and still working nights. I am however making another change soon and starting day shift in a few weeks. 

The change to day shift has brought on a run of ideas and contemplations. From starting yoga and exploring more to just finally getting myself back on a regular sleep pattern. 

To achieve this "new me" I have been thinking about motivation. What motivates me? What can get me inspired to be the best me possible? What can help me tap that inner true potential? 

Suggestions anyone? What motivates and inspires you? How do you stay focused on these to reach your potential?