Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letting Go......

The past few years I have lived my life by craziness. My motivating force behind my movement every day was stress and the hope of accomplishment. I felt last week during spring break an actual relaxation. Truthfully I had to make myself sit and do nothing and whenever I would think "I need to do this, or that", I would make myself push it aside and say, "for now I am just sitting".

I realized amongst my relaxation that the effort I put into some of my "accomplishments" really were not getting me anywhere. In not getting anywhere in these projects I was not only hurting myself, but wasting other people's time. I needed to simplify and "Let go".

I have been working for the past 5 years for Steve Koncurat. It started as a very part time telemarketing job. I then became a receptionist/recruiter. After seeing the success of the salesmen I decided to try that out. Six months later I went back to recruiting. Here I have been since. I have trained and seen many other ladies come and go from what I do. I have run errands for supplies and basically labeled myself a glorified gopher! I have really enjoyed it.

I also have worked other jobs and juggled that with school. In other words I have not always been here and there were times I am sure Steve would have liked to drop kick me :) But he is patient and kind as seeing my need for a little cash now and then and has let me work as little and as much as I want.

Today I finally let go. Will I miss it? Of course, but sometimes letting go helps us actually move forward.

(My "cubby")

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Heritage... Continued..

This goes along with the post below. My sister and I started cooking when we were tall enough to look into the pot on the stove. One of the first things I remember my sister making was Cheesy Egg Bake. The fact that I still remember her making it, serving, and proudly standing over us to see if we approved cracks me up! ( and yes this was all done in our lovely yellow kitchen seen in a previous blog) So for your taste bud pleasure and a walk down our memory lane here it is....

Cheesy Baked Eggs
3 tablespoons fine bread crumbs
6 small slices cheddar cheese
6 eggs
grated cheese
salt and pepper

1. Heat oven to 325° and grease six custard or muffin cups.

2. Put 1/2 tablespoon bread crumbs on bottom of each cup, then top with cheese slices.

3. Break one egg into each cup, and sprinkle eggs with grated cheese and salt and pepper.

4. Bake for about 12 to 18 minutes.

5. Serve piping hot in custard cups or loosen eggs and slip onto a plate.

Our Heritage

Last night at our Enrichment meeting (A church meeting for the women of our church.)We were sharing different food and stories from our heritage. People brought food to share that represented their upbringing and what would traditionally be eaten in their home. Since it was my birthday and I was not holding myself to any healthy restrictions I piled my plate high with chicken pot pie, Shepperd's pie, beans and rice, chicken and rice, pistachio marshmallow salad, spinach salad, and potato salad. On the way back to my chair I started chuckling to myself and shared with my group that the only thing on the plate that resembled food I ate as a child was the potato salad. I guess no one else in our Relief Society group grew up on Borscht, boiled swish chard, cabbage soup. In talking more with my group we were seeing if there was any food that we would not eat now. I had to keep listing the food that I had to eat growing up.... beef tongue, fried liver and onions, oysters, muscles.....Don't get me wrong. We definitely had our share of amazingly yummy food in our home. I still compare most of what I eat to my childhood and wish I could magically have some appear.

I Love.......

The First Flower you find in your yard saying, "Spring is Near!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love.....

I love the Gallagher Family.

Today in my frazzled study state Lisa took one look at me and said we should all go to dinner. She knows just when to make me take some time! During dinner what should our conversation end on? Having Ryan (age 15) get a job at Victoria's Secret so he can get his Mom and Sister discounts on Bra's and underwear. They were even describing what kind. I always have a laugh with them no matter the situation!

Megan trying to give her brother a hug. He is the blue she is laying on. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Love....

I love Starbucks! I know it is a mass commercialized company that promotes items that are not good for you, and I don't even drink coffee but....

They play great music
I can sit for hours without getting dirty looks from the workers
They provide cushy chairs
They originate in Seattle
I can come up with more, but I think I have said enough :)

Nonfat sugar free vanilla steamer with nutmeg sprinkles. I always bring my own mug so I can help the environment. (Oh who am I kidding, it's so I can look cool :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Love.....

I love Sunday napps. I love napping in general but there is something about having the time and a sunny spot on a Sunday afternoon that I just love!

10 Months To A Better Me

Recapp: January I gave up Soda. February I added in excercise. So in March:

I have decided that I have to ramp up the goals to two a month. This month I plan on cutting out Fast Food and White. My definition of fast food is well, fast food. No more drive throughs :) White is to be all white pasta, bread, or similar products.

Things I love!

I love the month of March, and since it holds my birthday I am therefore queen for the month of March. So have decided to periodically share things I love with you!

I love that blues skies appear more in March. It brings hope that spring is near. I love that St. Patrick's day is in March. Who couldn't love those little leprechauns. There is the anniversary of the organization of the RS, and sometimes we get to celebrate Easter! March is just great!