Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.....

My sister informed me that I needed to post. I informed her back that I really did not have much to say. Most of the exciting things that are happening in my life right now are happening at the hospital.... which I cannot talk about... so.....
She says I should just talk about whatever.

Today I finally got my student loans. I laugh at this since my semester ends in 3 weeks. I did however still rejoice In receiving my loans. This means... I can pay my bills. So today I paid my phone bill, rent, and credit card. Then I got a little crazy and purchased tons of Pampered Chef products (with the anticipation i will have time to use them over the summer), and some new shoes and pants for hiking (another hopeful summer project). I have to be good now and pay my summer tuition and pack the rest away for future adventures.

I also think I might be getting varicose veins. I know this is a common thing among nurses (and hairdressers). My hope is that i can ward them off long enough to enjoy a few more swimsuit summers. (not that I ever notice anyone else, it's just different when you are staring at yourself).

My next adventure is finishing this semester. I am all scheduled for summer and fall. Lets just get through this one. For end of semester i am going to NY with Lisa and Megan Gallagher, and some other friends. three days of frolicking through the streets of NY.

I am done rambling for now. If you all enjoyed this one let me know. I am sure I can come up with some more random things from my mind.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

9 Months to a Better Me

To recap:

January- Gave up Soda.
February- Added exercise.
March- Cut out my white bread products.
No fast food.

Not having soda or going to fast food has been pretty easy. I am feeling rather confident in those areas. Exercise could be better. I am only getting in 3 days a week right now. Not good if my goal is 5-6. I am just so darn tired! Maybe if I have some Coke.... Just kidding! I have decided to change the white bread products to no white bread products, white potatoes, (those who know me know my sacrifice for this one), and no white dressings,sauces, mayo, ect. I decided to keep the white rice, substituting brown whenever possible. (I am after all, still a poor college student.)

Bye, bye, butter.
Farewell fried.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break 2008!!!

Spring Break was actually a couple weeks ago, I am now finally taking the time to write!

My goals were to:
1. Move all my DVD's into a CD case. (Thanks Heidi for that great idea!)
2. Make a bunch of jewelry.
3. Do as little as possible.

It's not too often I can say I accomplished all of my goals for a week!

Monday I went with the Gallagher's to the International Spy Museum in DC. Besides telling you it was really cool, interesting, and great, I shouldn't say more. (You never know who's listening). It was funny how when we left the museum each person we looked at we were wondering if they were a spy.

We had lunch around the corner in China Town. Tony Chang's won our presence. It was really good food. I guess Tony's is a big place to go since he had pictures covering his walls with him and famous people. Our favorite part of the meal though was the end when we kept trying to have our waiter take out picture. Every time he would go to push the button the camera would die. We tried this about 4 times, each time the waiter would use his cute accent and say 1-2-3..ahhhhhh, because the camera would die. We finally opted for my phone to take a picture.

The rest of my week was hanging with Ryan and Megan, the Koncurat's cats, and catching up on my relaxin'. On Easter morning I treated my-self to a perfect pancake stack. I've never made or had one before, and it sounded good. Sadly though I could not finish it. Oh well I saved room for dinner later at the Krewson's.

The Krewson's had the nicest spread for dinner. I wish I would have taken a photo of the picture perfect table with tulips and all the grand fixins.

Over all good spring Break. My goal now is to try to keep this relaxed state as long as possible through the rest of my semester.