Monday, January 28, 2008

Time Spent A' Doin'

Doin' what you may ask? Well let me tell ya!

Sunday: Church 11-2, Beada 6-8
Monday: HCGH 7-3:30, UGA 4-6, TV (Wildfire) 9-10
"or" A mixture of UGA, studying, TV, and Gallaghers
Tuesday: Clinicals 7-1
"or" Clincals and Gallaghers
Wednesday: Clinicals 7-1
"or" Clinicals and Gallaghers
Thursday: Lab 7:30-9:00am
"or" lab and Gallaghers
Friday: Lab 7:30-9:00, Theory 9:00-2:20, TV (Womens murder club) 9-10
Sat: HCGH 7-3:30
"or" many other things.

I think you can get my drift about my schedule. HCGH is on Monday or Sat depending on tests or other stuff. I still have my haircuts and the Gallaghers. The gallaghers are usually wed and thurs, but it varies. So, there it is!

Howard County General Hospital

If you have been wondering how my year has been so far, let me tell you. It has been spent at HCGH. I started my new job as a PCT (Patient Care Tech). It kicks my rear most of the time, but still has that rewarding feeling when I go home. I am hoping it will help me develop my skills and help to keep my knowledge from school fresh. There were six of us in our PCT-Extern program. Even though we were all really different we got along really well. Ahhhh more good friends!

Sharon and Essi

Melanie and Sophia

Allison and Me!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Darilyn!!!

Today marks another marvelous year in the life of my sister Darilyn. I am figuring i must be pretty selfish, for I cannot recall a birthday party I spent with her. I know there has been, I just cannot recall...

D-lyn facts according to me:

Nickname- D-lyn

Favorite Color- Purple

States lived in- 5 (I'm hoping I got this right)

College graduate

Mother of 3

Sister to 1

Stepsister to 2

Loves her bird, her garden, rafting, spending time with her family.

Served mission in Brazil/New Jersey

Has had multiple callings, especially in the primary!

And is one downright cool person!!!

Peter, Peter, Pumkin Eater

We have decided that the squirrel that had a nice lunch with this pumpkin has to be named Peter. Last Saturday when my friend Becca and I left for errands this lovely pumpkin was intact. We guess Peter must have finally decided that he was hungry enough for pumpkin, for this is what the squash looked like when we came home a few hours later. It was definitely a good laugh!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I am already laughing and wondering what this new year will bring! I rang it in in style with a houseful of who I guess I can call my friends. I was invited over to the Folkmans to spend new years with the Bunko ladies, their families, and some other families. I was sitting at home at 8:15 trying to get the energy and gumption to go. Sometimes social gatherings are not my forte'. I suddenly got up, grabbed my jacket and headed out the door, still talking myself into going until I pulled into the drive and thought... too late now!I was happily surprised with myself when people kept showing up that I was truly glad to see. I even played a game... willingly! I did take my mysterious stand and leave at 11:30 to spend the actual turn of the year in the quiet atmosphere among my own possessions. A great start. And today.... I have spent the day climbing hills, dancing balls, surviving fevers and crushed affections with Jane, Lizzy, Eleanor, Marianne and many other of my favorite ladies. (I did leave the house for an hour or so to take a walk and meet some neighbors!)

I send my hope for you all to have a great new year!