Saturday, November 30, 2013

Adventuring: 40:40:4 Cape Lookout Trailhead

This hike was a suggestion from my Uncle Mike. While he was a camp director for the Boy Scout camp, Camp Baldwin, he and his Boy Scout crew helped maintain the trails here. Wanting a longer hike to start my day I decided that the 5.5 mile trek here would be perfect. The early morning fog was thick and did not let up as the day progressed. It was an eery feeling as I walked along steep cliffs without being able to see what was around me due to this fog. The trails wound down and around, following kept gravel and wood paths to well worn dirt trails. If it is the rainy season expect to get a bit muddy. The views are exceptional though and a great sense of accomplishment is felt when you can look out over the farthest western point of the cliffs.

Adventuring: 40:40:3 Lincoln City

I know this is not one of my usual trail posts, but after walking over 5 miles along this beach I decided that it was worth a shout out! Lincoln City is including in it's fame the placing of fabulous blown glass "floats" along it's beaches for combers to find. As part of my coastal exploring trip I decided to try my best at locating one of these covetous floats. And I did! Thanks to some great pointers from a local I found one about two and a half miles down, and then got to enjoy my walk back to my car. Great day, great walk, and great find!