Thursday, April 3, 2008

9 Months to a Better Me

To recap:

January- Gave up Soda.
February- Added exercise.
March- Cut out my white bread products.
No fast food.

Not having soda or going to fast food has been pretty easy. I am feeling rather confident in those areas. Exercise could be better. I am only getting in 3 days a week right now. Not good if my goal is 5-6. I am just so darn tired! Maybe if I have some Coke.... Just kidding! I have decided to change the white bread products to no white bread products, white potatoes, (those who know me know my sacrifice for this one), and no white dressings,sauces, mayo, ect. I decided to keep the white rice, substituting brown whenever possible. (I am after all, still a poor college student.)

Bye, bye, butter.
Farewell fried.


Jessie said...

You're doing awesome Krista!! Yea, I try to get in about 5 days of exercise, but usually just get in 3 too! Does chasing a toddler around the house count as exercise?

Rochelle said...

I would die without soda, I know it sounds all dramatic but I think I would. Thats all there is to it.