Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Wonder

Like most of the U.S. this past week, Maryland got pelted with the loveliness of snow and ice. Normally I would think, oh whatever, as long as I can stay inside with my warm PJ's and tea. Unfortunately this one caught me while I was scheduled to work.

The name word I would associate with this storm is Kindness.

Knowing that I would be stuck in town I packed a bag and sought out a place to stay. The Sappington's were more than happy to help out. They supplied me with dinner, good conversation, a great nights sleep, the best breakfast I have had in a while, and a safe passage to work the next morning. The whole time I was overwhelmed with their love and kindness.

I missed the day of the actual storm since I was at work, but here are a few photos while the Winter was melting.


Jodi said...

Awww...good friends are such a blessing!
Once again, beautiful pictures. I love the one of the table.

Nicole said...

I am more of a winter person than I thought. I was so excited to see the snow and thus far I haven't been annoyed by the ice or anything. I actually enjoyed helping Darrel dig out so he could get to work Wednesday morning. :) I love Winter SNOW!

Jason and Jamie said...

Great pictures! The storm didn't seem that bad to me--but we still have ice all over. I'm ready for the ice to be gone! I'll take snow anyday over the ice.

mm said...

If it's going to be cold, bring on the snow, I say! Winter without snow is so "eh". Glad you're safe and sound.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures Krista! I like the table best. Oh, the Sappingtons are WONDERFUL people! How lovely to be around them.