Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My parents have been friends with the Little's for years. I remember picking plums in their orchard when I was much younger. I also remember getting sick from eating way too many of those plums! So when my mom excitedly popped the question "Do you want to pick cherries?" I could not help but say, "sure!"

I love the drive to Broadbent. To get there you have to drive through Couquille, past Myrtle Point, and right after the junction to head off to Roseburg, you take a left up their gravel drive. They don't have a commercial orchard. Just a few of each cherries, plums and I think pears.

We picked a flat with Duke at our side. He is the Little's dog that loves eating cherries off the branch. Huge- and hilarious! After our flat of cherries we head on home to start the process.

Pitting, bottling, and canning.

The end product: 7 pints pitted cherries to use in recipes. 7 pints with pits to each right out of the jar. 2 quarts for Darilyn. And lots of little jam jars.

Foam Anyone?


Darilyn said...

Yum, yum.

Jason and Jamie said...

Looks delicious! I love summertime and all of the fresh produce!