Sunday, July 18, 2010

A day with Heidi

I love that being back in Oregon allows me to spend more time with my family. What I don't get very often is one on one time with my nieces. Do to good timing I got Heidi for one whole day here at my place. It was spontaneous and absolutely fun!

After a breakfast of Raspberry Pancakes with powdered sugar we headed out for the day.

First stop: Eugene Saturday market
We perused all the fun stands of homemade items and enjoyed the locals making a little cash with their instruments. We hit the farmers market on our way out and picket up the best assortment of snackable items.

Second stop: The Blacksheep Gathering and Alpaca Festival
It was so much fun to teach Heidi a little about sheep and share stories about her mom and I when we were her age.

Third stop: Coburg Cafe
The only reason: some of the best burgers and shakes around!

Fourth stop: Strawberry Picking
Fifth Stop: A little antiquing - we were getting pretty tired at this point... sooo

The Sixth Stop: A little resting!

After a good rest we hit the Valley River Center for a little retail therapy and then headed back home to watch The Princess Bride and have a good nights sleep!

Such a fun time!

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Darilyn said...

Heidi had such a fun time this day with you. I love that picture of the Alpacas, they look so interesting close up like that.