Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emma Lou

This past summer I tried to spend a day with each of my nieces. I only got the opportunity with Emma and Heidi, but what a great time I had. Here is my ode to Emma.

Emma Lou May:

Emma was a trooper as I had to do laundry while we were together. She even entertained herself with her love of reading, and arranging my quarters by state.

Coburg Cafe was the place for breakfast. Check out her waffles- Yummy!

The Lane County Fair was the adventure for the day. Hooray for sheep... and ice cream!

This girl loves to dance. Not just any dance though, Irish dance.

She has Hazel eyes. This I did not know until I got the opportunity to really look into them.

Emma is quiet, until she is comfortable with you. Then she talks and talks and talks.... (this is a good thing)

I love that Emma loves. She is a kind and very caring person.


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Darilyn said...

Great post on Emma. I didnt know you guys went to the Lane County Fair. Cool.