Wednesday, June 6, 2012

11 & 10 Months To A Better Me!

I failed on the once a month goal so far. Oh well. To follow up with my previous goals... And set some new ones.....

Record all food and stay within allotted calorie budget: I did pretty good here. I did have a few days that I did not record, on purpose. After devouring a whole 20 piece Chicken Nuggets I couldn't face the facts. (approx. 900). And memorial day, a day for eating whatever I want. I have done well though and have carved a few more pounds off.

New Goal: Run three times a week, with a long hike/walk on an alternate day.

Read Scriptures daily: Failed this one. I have felt the spirit stronger in my Church attendance though. I think I'll keep this one a bit longer.

New Goal: Read the Scriptures daily.

Hang with friends once a week: I think I have done good with this. Does Visiting Teaching count? I have not felt the social isolation that I can sometimes feel.

New Goal: Have a friend, or friends over to my house twice a month.

Well here goes.... Let's Better Me!


Darilyn said...

Those are great goals. I'd say you have been doing really well!

Anonamom said...

Good job! I love how you keep moving forward!