Friday, July 20, 2012

9 Months to A Better Me!

Oh the stories I can tell.

Run three times a week, with a long hike/walk on an alternate day: This started out great!!! I really liked starting to run. Then I had to stop due to my tumor and surgery. Darn. Now I am doing the opposite and hoping that I don't resemble jello jigglers when I start back up.

New Goal: I am going to revert back to keeping within daily calorie limits. I will also make a more conscious effort to eat more nutritional foods. I am experimenting with Chia seeds.

Read the Scriptures daily: I don't know why I have such a hard time with this.  I quote the scriptures daily....

New Goal: Ahem. Read the Scriptures Daily.

Have a friend, or friends to my house twice a month: This has actually been pretty easy, and very rewarding.

New Goal: Have an evening out this month. I find that I do most of my activities in the daylight. Time to spice it up and take in some nightlife.

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ESN said...

Your goals are great! I hope to do something similar. We can cheer each other on!