Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Land that I Love!

The TYPE of land that is!

I love the beach. Sand squishy through my toes, dodging seagulls, and depending on if you are on the east or west coast, yummy boardwalk food, or rock climbing. There is always the occasional shell collection, or if you are privy to some of my Thailand stories, occasional hidden animal collection (another blog in itself). A couple weeks ago I got to take Megan Gallagher and her cousin Chelsea to the beach for 3 days. We spent time laying in the sun on the sand, body surfing over the waves, wave diving, and watching all the "hot guys". Megan had a good laugh when I first dived in the waves and came out with the response, "It's salty!". Her reply, "Miss Krista, it is the ocean." Besides actually being at the beach we strolled and shopped all the boardwalk shops. Bethany and Rehobeth boardwalk shops range from the tourist seashell shops to the latest surf and skate wear. Over all we had a really fun time, and will laugh at our memories for some time.

Bethany Beach from a balcony.

Little Fishy in my drink!

Meg and Chels

Chelsea and her "Shark Attack!"


Darilyn said...

I LOVE the drink in the fish bowl!

Krista Lou Cook said...

it came in a fishbowl (64oz) with a 4in plastic shark, 4 little plastic fishes, and unlimited refills. It I had the drink i would have said, "fill er up again!", but we just laughed when the waiter asked if Chelsea wanted one!