Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 Months To A Better Me

No, your math skills are not off. I did jump from 8 to 4 months. Let's just say that I was having a good, no, VERY good summer vacation. Filled with all the fattening foods and soda I could get my hands on. So yes, this does leave me with 4 months less on my year of a better me.

One thing I am not going to do is get all huffy and frustrated. I will just say, "Hmmm, those cookies, ect. tasted good", and get on with myself!

Let's look at the goals from the past:
January- Gave up Soda.
February- Added exercise.
March- Cut out my white bread products. No fast food.
April- Bye, bye, butter. Farewell fried.
May- Maintenance.

January- One thing I have learned. I love my soda. Yes you could say I am a bit addicted (she says as she slurps down her 44oz D. Pepsi). It is my sanity in a time of stress and very early mornings.

February- Exercise is my friend. I am getting in 4 days at the gym. Granted these are only 30 minute sessions, but hey, I'm getting there. Plus I think I could add in my job. 4-8 hrs, 4-5 days a week on my feet have to count for something right?

March- I can do this.

April- I can do this too.

Sept- I am going to focus on a little inward revamping. Daily scripture reading. I am not at the point for study. I just need to get the daily routine down again.


Darilyn said...

Good for you. Looking at this you have accomplished a lot for the year. Keep it up. inward renewal is just as important as the bodily renewal so I think it's a great thing to do for September.

Jessie said...

That soooo rocks. There are so many goals I've had and just beat myself up when I have rocky times. But that's such a good attitude to brush it off and start where you left off, rather than giving up. That is so awesome. I need to do much better with my daily scripture too!

mm said...

I love you.

Ganine said...

Hey you are on the right track. I am right there with you. I went on Vacation and gained oh about 15 extra lbs. I had a good time eating this summer too. I am working on the spirtual side also.

Keep it up!!

Gusti said...

Just keep going, one foot infront of the other... they don't need to be big steps, just don't stop. I know you will get there.

Kellie said...

There is no limit to the number of restarts you get to have a better you. Go girl!

Jason and Jamie said...

I think walking around work definitely counts! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who needs a restart on things every now and then!