Friday, September 19, 2008

No Food for Me.

With a start like that you would probable assume that this is about starving myself to achieve the goal of a better figure. And what do you do when you assume? You usually are WRONG. Like now.

I need to rant. Rage. Let the frustrations fly. This is not a blog for the faint in heart.


I am sure many of you are already shutting your mind to remember the last time you felt this way,ect. Well stop, open them back up and listen to ME. (I just want to be selfish for a little).

Money. One minute you have it, one minute you don't. This past summer I did not do much towards the end since I had too much fun in the beginning. I understood this and knew the consequences before my fun plans in June/Jul. Now I also knew that in going back to school there would be a cut in my finances. More time in school = more time studying. But HELL (yep I said the H word) was not what I expected. I am even working much more than I thought I would, putting in 20-25 hrs on non test weeks and 12-15 on test weeks. You might be thinking 32- 40 hrs isn't that bad for a paycheck. I at first didn't think so either. Then reality hit. IT SUCKS! Let me spell it out.

35 hrs per pay period x 2 pay periods per month = 70 hrs
70 hrs at my pay after taxes = approx. 700$

200 rent (I know, very cheap. I find myself VERY lucky)
100 phone (have to keep the coping system open)
40 storage (stupid storage)
50 gym (must have stress reliever, my sanctuary!)
160 gas (that's being conservative)
= 550 in basic necessity
- 70+ church (many of you know what I mean. If you don't, I'll explain later)
- 100 Credit card payments (grand total is not much, just still paying for that great summer beginning)
= 720 grand total
Have you noticed that I am above the 700$ mark, and have not even mentioned Food or the 300$ I have to have in by Nov 1st for graduation. Not to mention all the fun things I want to do. Like drink diet coke, study at Starbucks. Drive a distance that is NOT close to home, go to the movies, go out to eat, BUNKO! Get the picture.

Yes you could say it is saddening. I am sad. And yes you could say, "just think how nice it will be when you graduate!" Yes it will be. But man.

I am sure you are all probably ready to have me end my rant. Thanks for listening. (Oh, and by the way, this was not written with the intent to have you drag money out of your account for me. It's just a rant.)


Kellie said...

Ranting is good, friend. Let it out! No platitudes from me...just hoping that things will work out for you. Plus prayers and good wishes always.

Jason and Jamie said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has this rant--as much as I wish others didn't have it too. Still it's nice to know others share the money stress. I'm hoping things start looking up soon for you!

Ganine said...

Ranting is good!!

Nicole said...

It's a constant struggle. I can relate. When I was in college working two jobs and still coming up short, I would day dream about my Knight and Shining Armor coming to rescue me from my financial woes and wisk me away to a life of eternal bliss. Well, I have my Knight in Shining Armor but the financial woes are still hanging around. Money attracts money and no money attracts no money! It's still okay to dream.