Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I Have Discovered This Past Year.

It is almost weird that soon 2008 will be at an end. This day will never happen again. Then again any day that passes will never happen again. Although this day has it's specialty in our thoughts, I hope that we all can live each day that it is a special one given, that can not be repeated again.

Here are some random tid-bits that I have discovered about myself this past year.

I crave Cheetos.
Amy's frozen Mac and cheese is the best ever.
Even though green is still my deep down favorite color, Purple and certain shades of blue still give me the same happy smile.
I really dislike driving.
Gilmore Girls still makes me laugh.
I like Hellman's mayonnaise.
Jane Austen's will always be my favorite.
Soft things make me happy.
Potatoes are my favorite.
I have to stop and stargaze every night I see the stars.


Darilyn said...

Happy New Year Sis. I hope that 2009 is everything you want it to be. I have never tried Hellman's mayo. Why is it so good?

I like to drive. Should I drive your car out west?

girl with freckles said...

mmm... amy's....

Gusti said...

Krista, loved your tidbits. I have been passionate about "hellmans" for as long as I can remember. It is the one true Mayo! However I will explain for those that haven't lived east of the Mississippi, that on our side of the river it's known as "Best Foods" yes one and the same. I learned this tidbit when I lived in New Hampshire and was horrified when I could not find my FAV mayo anywhere. I finally asked and was so happy I did. Cheers to Hellmans and this New Year!!

Nellie said...

Happy New Year! When does your long drive begin?

I am missing the Bunko babes, too!

Jason and Jamie said...

Fun random tidbits to read! Is Amy's frozen mac and cheese something you buy or someone who know named Amy who makes it?

Suzy said...

You are so cute!! I love cheetos too. The other night I was eating lays and sour cream and I remembered that I got that from you when we were roomies!! :)

And how I loooooooove Jane Austen.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL 2009!! And congrats on finishing school!!! What will you do next?

Ganine said...

So cute!! I will have to think about stuff like that. When is the big move?

Krista Lou Cook said...

Amy's is a frozen Mac and Cheese most easily purchases at the Organic Markets.

March is the goal for the move!

Cliff and Laurie said...

You are also a wonderful friend and visiting teacher. Hope 2009 brings lots of good things for you!