Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heading West Day 1

After a sad farewell to Maryland my sister, my niece, and I headed towards our destination of Ohio. It was a pretty easy drive although the winds were crazy and my car was still getting used to heading up hill. (Cant wait till the Rocky Mtns....)

Princess Rico Kitty

Our tourist destination for the day was Ohio - The birthplace of Longaberger. We stopped in Dresden for lunch at Popeye's Soda Shoppe and then it was my fun to introduce my sis to the Homestead and Headquarters. We luckily got there on the last day of their annual spring fling. If you can picture hundreds of middle aged Caucasian laddies all with baskets in hand you can picture the event. There was even a contest were 4 lucky contestants got to dash for as many baskets as they could carry off in 30 seconds. Good laughs there!

World's Largest Basket - Dresden OH

D and Kenzie enjoying the festivities at the Homestead.

We stayed our first night with our Aunt Sherilyn and Uncle Mike in Enon Ohio.

Now off to "day two" and all the new adventures it holds.


Darilyn said...

fun first day. Day 2 was fun too and I can't wait until day 3!

Renazzle said...

Do you know what street that basket is on (the large one in Dresden)?

I looked for it last weekend and didn't have any luck. I managed to find a couple big baskets along the way, just not that one.