Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo Tag - Macy's at Christmas

I love this tag. Plus now that I actually have photo files it makes it so much more fun!

I tag anyone who want's to do this. Just let me know in my comments if you are, so I can see your photo!

1. Go to the sixth file in your documents/my pictures.
2. Go to the sixth picture.
3. Blog about that picture.
4. Then tag 6 more people.
5. Name your picture.

Macy's at Christmas

For anyone who has not experienced Christmas in NYC, you need to schedule it. The street performers, the light displays, ice skating in Central Park, the window displays, and especially the Rockefeller Tree. They all are special treats to add to the normal wonders of NYC. Macy's Department store is especially decked out. They have Christmas decorations from floor to ceiling everywhere, and have a whole floor designated just for Christmas decorations. I'll add a few more photos below, just for your imaginations pleasure.

The Macy's Believe -o- Meter

Macy's Window display

The Macy's original entrance

A Poodle Tree inside Macy's


Jodi said...

NYC at Christmas time sounds lovely!

Jason and Jamie said...

What great pictures! I love NYC--especially at Christmas. I hadn't ever seen a picture of the original entrance--where is it at?

Suzy said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Amberlee said...

Krista, It's Amberlee, hey we have decided to go private so send me your email if you still want to view my blog, Thanks!

Kellie said...

What a fun memory! How are things?

Suzy said...

Hey!! When are you going to start blogging again! :)

Suzy said...