Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome to Coburg Oregon

I have had this post in mind for almost a year now. Funny how it just gets shoved back there. My mom was up visiting from Coos Bay the past couple days and one of our outings jarred the memory of this post:

Welcome to Coburg Oregon. In researching this Historic little town I found that the population is around 1000, the mail will only be delivered to the post office...in the Dairy Mart, and that it has made a name for itself in Antique dealing.

Arriving at the Dairy Mart to open my P.O. Box this is the sign that greeted me:

Yep, I had definitely left the suburbs of D.C. and Baltimore Md.

In doing a little family research I set out to visit Coburg's Historical Pioneer Cemetery. Here is where some of my Johns family is buried. My Great Grandmother, Grandfather, and two Great Uncles.

I enjoy a nice walk around old cemeteries just as much as the next person so in venturing out I found this:

The last name did start with an S. but.... really? I stood there a good few minutes laughing.

The one that really had me almost on the floor was this one. The front of the tombstone is beautiful with the name and some engravings of sheep, cowboy hat, and other farming items. No date though.

I had my mind busy imagining different scenarios in which this poor soul had been hung, and how the town in their guilt purchased the tombstone. No other stone lay nearby or with the same name. There is a local listing for this fellow though that currently lives in Coburg. Who knows, maybe he is just planing for his future and having a little laugh in the meantime. It's a mystery.

There are two other subjects I would love to post about here in Coburg. That would be the Antique shops and the Food. Alas I am finding this post too long already and will have to save those for another day,


Jenny said...

I love to walk around cementaries. Those are some good tombstones. good luck with the family history. I am stuck on mine.

Darilyn said...

I love it. I still crack up about that guy calling you that name. I can't even remember exactly what it was at the moment but it still makes me laugh.

Gusti said...

I've never eaten a gizzard! Have you?

Prism said...

I love cemetaries, especially peaceful old ones, but the one I visit the most (where my mom is buried) is very hard on me--just as you go out, there is a large stone for a young girl who had the names of BOTH of my girls (Katie Emma)--it gets me every time!

The cake recipe will eventually be forthcoming on my blog!

Gabe, Amber, Eleanor, and Sebastien Spencer said...

Hey, great to peek in on how you're doing. We miss you here!