Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Ukraine

It is 18.10 Kiev time right now, meaning it is 08.10 in the morning for all you Americans out there. We have arrived by a wild and crazy journey to Kiev today. The wild and crazy journey will have to wait for when I am ready to update you all on that part. For now, I will update you on our journey to Ukraine.

Papa had stated that when he passed away he wanted us to bring some inheritance to his family in Ukraine. Of course I could not object. Firstly, because I would never turn down an opportunity to travel to another country. Secondly, because I love him very much. When the time came for our journey Darilyn picked a date, I got time off of work, and mom purchased our tickets with our inheritance.

The flight out on the 29th was good. No complications. No problems. Pretty much some smooth flying and great pre-arrangements. Once we got to Kiev and got through customs my stress was rising a little. Who is meeting us at the airport again? Oksana's husband? Did he know the time? Where will we know where to met him? We walked out of the customs and baggage area and were greeted immediately by two of the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.


and Vova.

Anya (My cousin Oksana's daughter,) is a joyful burst of love and energy. She is one you immediately fall in love with and cannot wait to be around again. Anya was our translator for the journey. A pretty big job for one so young and small. She was amazing though and constantly came running whenever we called "Anya!" to help translate.

Vova (Oksana's husband,) is one of the finest examples I have ever met of what a father, a husband, and a friend should be. He never failed to come and escort us around the city. Never allowing us to carry bags, open doors, or even walk behind him. He always had a mischievous smile when he could not understand what we were asking, and would follow it with, "No speak English.", or a "Sorry, no understand. Bad translator." We were always grateful for the effort put forth for our safety, comfort, and need to get out of the house.

With Anya's translation and Vova's guidance we made it to the train station and to Kotovsk. It was my first time traveling by train and I was extremely happy that we had a sleeper. Once in Kotovsk we walked the short distance to Lida's house. Lida is Papa's sister. I had a hard time keeping the emotion in when I saw her. She is all that I ever imagined.

Enough stories for today though. It has taken me an hour to get this out and I am still feeling the movement of the train rocking as I sit here. Till then...

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