Monday, January 16, 2012

Making a Plan....

I have all these thoughts and ideas swimming around my head. For some reason I can probably blame "laziness" that these thoughts and ideas have a hard time making it out of my head.  Maybe it is the cold weather. Maybe it is the knowledge that in a month my time will be constricted  due to school. But I find a sudden urge to get all my little thoughts, ideas, plans out into the open.

I am sitting in a local Cafe google-ing flower paper tutorials and pinning them to Pinterest. After I leave this shop I will head over to The Wal-Mart (our local gathering place of all kinds of local color) and pick up a few supplies. Sandpaper, crafting wire, glue, tissue paper... maybe some chocolate... Then it is home to: be creative - be inspired - be artsy - be off my couch!

First goal is to clean out the "Create" room and move my new child into it's room. A buffet I got for a darling price. It's cosmetic job will have to wait till warmer weather, but i can tuck it in and feed it full of wrapping paper, ribbon, tags....

After that project I am on to a few creative ideas for the walls of this room. Wish me luck in accomplishing this and staying off my couch!

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