Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventuring: Bolon Island

Bolon Island Trail is a short walk with a rewarding end. The trail is attainable and kept till the end where it empties into an unkempt meadow.  If you are into birdwatching this is one for you. Bring a blanket, sit, and watch. Access information HERE.

I had my eye on this one ever since a friend told me about the birds on the other side that, "nest and destroy the trees". I was appalled at these birds until I READ UP on them and informed myself better. The "hike" itself was a little disappointing since it was really a 4 minute walk to the end of the Island. The birds though were pretty impressive. I tried to catch their sound on video, but its kinda hard. Ignore the pretty normal bird sounds and listen for the deep melancholy sound.

Well, you may just have to go see them yourself.
The trail beginning:
 The trail ending:

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