Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventuring: Blacklock Point

Blacklock Point Trail is an easy to moderate trail that ends at a breathtaking view of the Ocean, a Historic Lighthouse, and some pretty spectacular cliffs. The trail directions HERE are really accurate to follow, except for the waterfall, couldn't find it.

This trail starts on a pretty boring note, being level and nothing particularly entertaining to look at. After the first intersection you start entering all the bogs. Here there are plenty of frogs, salamander, and fun little paths to cross. Even on a sunny day I would plan on wearing your waterproof shoes. After these you are more in a forested area with plenty of green-life. You eventually see a bit of sky and emerge out onto the cliffs. These cliffs are amazing. Ranging from black, to clay, to green. There is a trail along to the right that leads down to the Point. A little daunting especially with the wind, but worth the experience. I followed the trail towards Floras Lake till it merged again with my return trail. On this section I entered such diverse landscape. Truly enjoyed it!
The Beginning



Emerging from the trees.
What a view!

The Point

Black-rock Cliffs

Floras Lake Trail

Floras Lake Trail

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