Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventuring: Shore Acres Loop

One of my most favorite places to go is Shore Acres. It was one of the few places that my Dad, Ben, loved to go. As a child we would wind through the garden, smelling all the roses and picking out our favorite to grow next in our flower garden a home.

Simpson Beach was a place for picnics and  playing in the sand. The sand there is different than any other sand in the area. Beautiful.

At the look-out area many people gather and watch for whales, or witness the amazing waves crash against the shore.

Shore Acres State Park contains many trails and walking/hiking adventures. Since I love them all I decided to blog about them all individually.

Shore Acres Loop:
This loop can start in the park itself, or outside about a quart mile before the park entrance. Since there is a fee for the park many people like to start from the later starting place. About a quarter of a mile past Sunset Bay there is a parking area with a beautiful view of the Cape Arago Lighthouse. Take the stairs down from the parking lot. Turning left puts you on the Shore Acres Loop. After a short distance there is a Y. Either trail will take you to the park. Going straight will take you along the original trail into the park. There are still stone entrance markers to establish the grand entrance.
Taking the trail to the right has you follow the cliffs along the shoreline till you reach the look-out area. For some reason I like going this way. Once at the look-out parking area follow the park entrance road to where the original entrance road enters the park. (Approximately across from the toll booth). Completing this trail takes you back to where you parked. The loop is approx. 1.8 miles and is an easy trail with dirt paths. It is good to note that in the really rainy months the trails are sometimes flooded, but still fun!

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