Thursday, May 16, 2013


I probably should start my posting comeback with an upbeat "look what I have been adventuring" post, but today I am feeling *Ugh* and a bit unattractive so basically, "ugh-ly". I am sure I can list an easy ten things I can start doing tomorrow to bring back the perky lets grab life by the horns and ride me, but today I will allow myself to wallow in the Ugh-liness of it all.

To catch you up with myself the past -way too long-. I turned 40 (post to follow). I went on a cruise (post to follow). I decided to stay in Coos Bay and moved in to a cute duplex more downtown (I can post about that). I got hired to ICU (I would post, but since there is this thing called HIPPA and I want to keep my job). I started my training to become a Master Food Preserver (I am sure there will be many posts in the coming years to laugh at my adventures with this). I finish my BSN in 6 weeks- 3 days- yes I'm counting down.

But today I am feeling the effects of too little sleep, too little exercise, and too much food. So I will wallow in my Ugh-lyness today, and work towards a better tomorrow- tomorrow.


Beth said...

I'm having a day like that today too! I hate blah days. Congrats on your job! Are you still planning a visit here this Spring? I miss you tons.
Love ya,

Laurie said...

I hate "ugh-ly" days. I think there must be something in the air today. For what it's worth, I think you're beautiful. :)

I look forward to following your Master Food Preserver exploits.

Darilyn said...

Good thing there is always tomorrow. Now is when we break out in our best Annie voices.

Anonamom said...

Just read this. Hope you're feeling better. There must be something in the air this year, though. I can relate!

Looking forward to your further adventures!

Ryan R. Bailey said...

I can't imagine an ugh-ly day for you. You are always so inspiring and beautiful to me.
I am so excited for you and how close you are to finishing school. Congrats!!!

P.S. I miss being your VT.