Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lbs and inches week 9-11

The slacking on my posting could be a direct relation to how I'm doing on program.... I successfully was down three lbs after week 9, then proceeded to gain back those three in the two weeks following. The reasoning, since there always has to be reasoning with me, I'm blaming the Girl Scout Cookies. I did go my usual off program a couple times a week, although that has not effected me in the past.

Here is what I have learned the past few weeks: 
1. Girls Scout Cookies maybe be sold by cute girls decked out in their award winning badges and wrapped in colorful packaging, in truth though the are a design of the Devil to yearly thwart health conscience folks into not stepping, but diving off their healthy plans. I succumbed.
2. Giving myself a "eat whatever I want till I puke" day ended up in a literal sence. My body was not happy with my "free day" and I payed for it with over twelve hours of "where is the closest bathroom". Lesson Learned. 
3. Don't wait to exercise. I had been reserved in exercising due to the fact that I know I'll gain weight when I do start due to muscle gain. Yet as I sat at home Tuesday night devouring some "devil cookies" I decided that exercise was what I have been missing to round out this healthy regime. C25K day 1 accomplished. 
4. Being some coworker's poster child for weight-loss can be intimidating. Yet, now that I'm about to enter into a world of not having my fancy products to eat, and not being accountable to my MD every week, I'm accepting this challenge. Maybe I should make actual posters.... 

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