Monday, June 27, 2016

The Last 20ish Years...

I recently got back in touch with a roommate from when I was about 19. She asked what I had been up to for the last 20 years. Great question, what have I been up to? So here is a little summary of my life for the past 20ish years!!! 

From Eugene Oregon moved to Utah. Worked in some pizzerias, made some lifelong friends, decided to serve a mission, received endowments in Manti Utah Temple.

Served mission in Manchester NH mission. Served some amazing people, Learned how to love all men, fell in love with church history (and Ben & Jerrys ice cream!).

Lived in Utah along university ave near BYU. Served in Relief Society presidency in various positions and became a temple ordinance worker in the Provo temple.  Went to cosmetology school and then worked in a couple salons. Made more lifelong friendships. Learned to value all people and tried to make sure they felt included. Another random calling I had was the co-chair for group dates. Yes, my ward experimented with having us randomly match everyone up on large group dates. The point was to get everyone comfortable with just dating. (I did have a wedding come out of it though- great story!)

Lived in Coos Bay Oregon. Worked at a craft store and another pizzeria! I'm still not sure the purpose of this move or what I was to learn. 

Moved to Chelan Washington. I got my CNA license working at a long term care facility. I loved the dry summer days! I did a lot of country line dancing and served in the YW. 

Back to Utah. This time I lived west of University ave. I met some great people here. Intelligent, caring. I did hair at a salon and picked up the hobby of genealogy. I got to teach this class and really enjoyed the seeking of ancestors. Served again in the Provo Temple as an ordinance worker. 

Maryland! I became a nanny. Worked with one family for a little over a year, then took some time off for a college math class and sold health insurance. I then worked for a family full time for over a year, then part time for 4 more. I went to college and got an associate degree in science and license as a RN. I served in YW, stake YSA, and was the 4th year leader at girls camp for 3 yrs. I got to explore our nations history, as well as continuing my love for church history. I served in the DC temple as an ordinance worker, and kindled friendships with some amazing people. 

Family called me home to Oregon and I lived in Coburg for a couple years working first as a RN in cottage grove, then in Eugene in HH/hospice. 

After my dads death I moved to coos bay and worked at the hospital there. Even after my mom sold the family farm and moved to Beaverton I stayed in CB and had a great time learning to preserve food, hiking, exploring, and living life. Got my bachelors of science RN through an online college. I expanded my nursing skills as a clinical educator for the local college nursing program. Taught Sunday school 16-17yr olds and more YW! 

Seeing that my nieces would be gone before I knew it I moved to Portland almost two years ago and am working at Portland providence. I love being close to my immediate family and participating in the last years at home my nieces have. 

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