Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Diet Coke

Last fall I successfully gave up Diet Coke. I say Diet Coke loosely since I also loved Diet Pepsi. These had to be the full caffeine versions, and not the knock-off colas. Man I loved me a "fresh" Diet Coke from McDonald's. Only 1.00$, cool and refreshing. How could I go wrong? Well, besides my health. Trying to get a grasp on my health I eliminated these refreshing beverages from my life. Every once in a while I'd order one at a restaurant but in general, finished. 

What is it about summer time??? Knowing that the temperatures are rising, and cooling off by a river, lake or pool is in my near future. All I want is a Diet Coke! 

"One large Diet Coke please" -sip -fizzy burn -enjoy!!! 

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