Friday, September 14, 2007

Let Merriment Abound!

This is my 7th year going to the Maryland Ren Fest! The crazy thing is, I can still remember every time I went. And.... only two of those times I did not dress up! I love dressing up. Putting on a costume and pretending be who I might be in that era. Luckily I get called a Lady instead of a Wench. This year I got a new chemise to go with the Elf costume i am creating. Hopefully I cam get it made before I go again. if not, there is always Halloween, or maybe I should just dress up and head to the mall. I wonder what type of reaction I would get. Now that would be a Sociology paper!

Elephant Rides

Shakespeares- As You Like It!


Darilyn said...

Yes, yes, wear it to the mall. That would be so funny.

Darilyn said...

Good luck in school this week. Wish you were here!

Alder Family said...

How fun!! Please either post pictures of your costume or wear it to church on Sunday so I can see--if they're not calling you a wench at the fair, it's probably okay for "Sunday Best" right? :)

Krista Lou Cook said...

Yaaaaa. sure.....:)