Sunday, September 30, 2007

Study Spot

This is my study spot. I created this spot at the beginning of this semester so I could have a place to go. I even got a free little TV with DVD so I could have background noise ect. All I need now is a computer, and i think my study spot would be complete!

This is my second favorite, well probably favorite, but less used, spot in the house. My bed. Underneath the tapestry is my quilt I purchased at a flee market for 20 buck and my tye dye sheets!

The bathroom. She just got a face-lift. It used to be dark forest green wallpaper with the same color shower curtain. Now it is bright and sunny and definatly helps keep me awake in the morning.

The backyard. I created a little corner here complete with dragonfly lights along the terrace corner. If I could sleep outside I would. I am just not too fond of the bugs.

Now you have a little idea about what it looks like where I live. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Come and visit whenever you want!


Darilyn said...

I LOVE it. Was that a purple wall behind your bed? So cool! And I really like your desk. You do need a computer. Is that in the cards anytime soon?

Heidi said...

I recognize that little tv. It looks so much nicer there than gathering dust in my garage! :)