Friday, October 26, 2007

New Schedule

I thought I should update my schedule for those of you dying to know where I am at, most of the time.

Monday: Class 12:30-2:50
Tuesday: Clinicals 7:00-1:00
Wednesday: Clinicals 7:00-1:00, Gallagher's 2:30-7:00
Thursday: Lab Tech 7:30-9:00, Class 12:30- 2:50, Gallagher's 2:30-7:00
Friday: Lab Tech 7:30-9:00, Office 9:00-12:00

I hesitate to put the Gallagher's down since it has not been on steady days. There is also the haircuts, Nursing Association stuff, and myriads of other things I have left out. We could start a where's Krista game by phone.

1 comment:

Darilyn said...

thanks for the updated schedule. Now I know why you aren't answering your phone.