Monday, October 15, 2007

Dave Dean

Dave Dean, AKA Big Dave or Baby Huey, and I have been working together
for about 4 yrs now. Conversations with him are always surprising
ranging from his latest Baseball catch at the Orioles field to his
superb managing skills at his night job.You may ask what Dave does for a living. Dave is a professional telemarketer. Being 4? years old he has been perfecting his telemarketing skills since he was about 16. I say, someones got to do it, you might as well do it with skills!

Dave and I have a strained relationship, and we have recently decided thatas long as we keep our conversations away from work, all will be well.He even exclaimed the other day,"We get along so much better when wedon't see each other very much!"We discussed this finding over lunchthe other day. The other topic of our conversation was "The petticoattea-room".Yes atea room that he has decided is the best place in theworld. He loves the little sandwiches and little perfect scoops of
salad."The fruit salad is the best in theworld. And there is the hugest selection of Teas!"I have enclosed photos so you can picture my friend Dave. No he is not gay, Just Dave. I guess my love of tea has a much stronger influencing power than I thought!

Dave in the office.

Dave at lunch.


Heidi said...

LOL! Does Dave know about this?

Krista Lou Cook said...

I actually told him. Of course he giggled with giddiness.

Kellie said...

Krista, I did get your message. I was out of town at a conference and I've been recovering all week.

Kellie said...

Jann, I'm excited for you! I homeschooled Johnathan for a total of 3 years-one in elementary and 2 in middle. It was great for both of us. I missed him when he went to high school. You'll do great. Let me know what I can do to help-you know knitting lessons, respite teaching, etc...I'm right around the corner!

Darilyn said...

Did Kellie write her comment on the wrong blog? : ) Dave sounds like a very well rounded person.