Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reveling in Revel Grove!

I love going to the Renaissance Festival with different people. The shops, shows, and food I have eaten before all seem new and interesting again. This time I went with Lisa and Megan Gallagher. Lisa is Megan's mom. I showed then the jewelry store I loved (Moon Angel) and soon they were also sharing in my love for it. The ladies running the shop proclaimed me an honorary "Moon Angel" for bringing them over. Lisa loves pottery like me and insisted on stopping at every pottery shop we walked by. Being with them also introduced me to new areas. I never would have gone into the White Tavern area before, and they have really good crab dip! Lisa made sure that whenever someone complimented our dresses that I would get lots of credit. It was such a fun day that we made plans for next year! YAHOO!!!

Megan getting a Henna Tattoo. She is wearing the first Ren Fest dress I ever made. It is still my favorite. Lisa had on my second, and I had on the newest. Sorry no pictures of the three of us!


Darilyn said...

I didn't know the three of you went together. What a fun day. I wish I was there. My most favorite Henna tattoo was from there because it was my first and I got it with you.

Krista Lou Cook said...

I feel so loved!