Monday, January 28, 2008

Howard County General Hospital

If you have been wondering how my year has been so far, let me tell you. It has been spent at HCGH. I started my new job as a PCT (Patient Care Tech). It kicks my rear most of the time, but still has that rewarding feeling when I go home. I am hoping it will help me develop my skills and help to keep my knowledge from school fresh. There were six of us in our PCT-Extern program. Even though we were all really different we got along really well. Ahhhh more good friends!

Sharon and Essi

Melanie and Sophia

Allison and Me!


Darilyn said...

How fun to work with friends. I already miss my friends from LB.

mm said...

Paging nurse Krista, nurse Krista to the super important room please, paging nurse Krista...

So proud of you. Also, so old 'cause nobody does overhead pages anymore unless its a code. Sigh.

Krista Lou Cook said...

Ya, we have a cellphone sytem, my patient just punches in my number and talks with me directly. But we do get overhead notices about sales in the giftshop and whats cooking in the cafeteria!