Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Darilyn!!!

Today marks another marvelous year in the life of my sister Darilyn. I am figuring i must be pretty selfish, for I cannot recall a birthday party I spent with her. I know there has been, I just cannot recall...

D-lyn facts according to me:

Nickname- D-lyn

Favorite Color- Purple

States lived in- 5 (I'm hoping I got this right)

College graduate

Mother of 3

Sister to 1

Stepsister to 2

Loves her bird, her garden, rafting, spending time with her family.

Served mission in Brazil/New Jersey

Has had multiple callings, especially in the primary!

And is one downright cool person!!!


Darilyn said...

Oh gee, thanks. So sweet. I do love that bird of mine. Why have i never done a blog about him? I think it's because i want to keep my crazy to myself! Happy Birthday to me! I love you.

Darilyn said...

Put something new up so i dont' have to stare at that picture everytime! : )

Krista Lou Cook said...

But your so pretty......

Suzi said...

Happy Birthday Darilyn!!!!

Darilyn said...

He, he, he. I snook onto my mom's computer and put this up! THIS IS MAKENZIE FOR ALL WHO DON'T KNOW DY NOW!!!!!

P.S. I like cheese! (