Monday, January 14, 2008

Peter, Peter, Pumkin Eater

We have decided that the squirrel that had a nice lunch with this pumpkin has to be named Peter. Last Saturday when my friend Becca and I left for errands this lovely pumpkin was intact. We guess Peter must have finally decided that he was hungry enough for pumpkin, for this is what the squash looked like when we came home a few hours later. It was definitely a good laugh!!!


Heidi said...

Funny! Walt cleaned out the garage this weekend and found that a squirrel was hiding nuts in it. There were several little piles stashed about; the funniest was his golf shoe. It was full to the brim with acorns!ss

Darilyn said...

I love that picture. Did you see the Masterpiece Theatre's new "Persuasion" last night? Each Sunday there will be a new Jane Austen movie on for the next 3-4 weeks. Next week is Northanger Abbey. I liked Persuasion last night but my friend Sarah, who is a true Jane Austen aficionado did not like it because it was not in order of how it happened. I have never read the book so i loved it.