Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letting Go......

The past few years I have lived my life by craziness. My motivating force behind my movement every day was stress and the hope of accomplishment. I felt last week during spring break an actual relaxation. Truthfully I had to make myself sit and do nothing and whenever I would think "I need to do this, or that", I would make myself push it aside and say, "for now I am just sitting".

I realized amongst my relaxation that the effort I put into some of my "accomplishments" really were not getting me anywhere. In not getting anywhere in these projects I was not only hurting myself, but wasting other people's time. I needed to simplify and "Let go".

I have been working for the past 5 years for Steve Koncurat. It started as a very part time telemarketing job. I then became a receptionist/recruiter. After seeing the success of the salesmen I decided to try that out. Six months later I went back to recruiting. Here I have been since. I have trained and seen many other ladies come and go from what I do. I have run errands for supplies and basically labeled myself a glorified gopher! I have really enjoyed it.

I also have worked other jobs and juggled that with school. In other words I have not always been here and there were times I am sure Steve would have liked to drop kick me :) But he is patient and kind as seeing my need for a little cash now and then and has let me work as little and as much as I want.

Today I finally let go. Will I miss it? Of course, but sometimes letting go helps us actually move forward.

(My "cubby")


SaraH G said...

Awww, and wow. Good for you for taking the step. It's fun to have things that drive us. I know how that goes.

It's also *great* when one can stop driving themself faster than is necessary for the goal. or even realizing what the goal is or isn't.

I'm glad you've had the job to enjoy and i wish you well in enjoying letting go.

Darilyn said...

So you quit your job working for Steve? I didn't know you were thinking of doing this. What are some of your accomplishments you weren't getting done? I see you as getting tons accomplished.

Tonya and I are going to go to tea soon. Wish you were here to go to. Do you think we can fit a tea trip into our schedule when I come out in August?

Southwest still has not posted their schedule for August. Ugh!

mm said...

How very zen of you, Kristasan.

The Loops said...

Hey! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! Wait I don't feel like it. I actually have not seen you in weeks! Does this mean you will have more time to come out and play with me?

Kellie said...

All the best, friend. I hope it turns out like you want and need it to!