Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Heritage

Last night at our Enrichment meeting (A church meeting for the women of our church.)We were sharing different food and stories from our heritage. People brought food to share that represented their upbringing and what would traditionally be eaten in their home. Since it was my birthday and I was not holding myself to any healthy restrictions I piled my plate high with chicken pot pie, Shepperd's pie, beans and rice, chicken and rice, pistachio marshmallow salad, spinach salad, and potato salad. On the way back to my chair I started chuckling to myself and shared with my group that the only thing on the plate that resembled food I ate as a child was the potato salad. I guess no one else in our Relief Society group grew up on Borscht, boiled swish chard, cabbage soup. In talking more with my group we were seeing if there was any food that we would not eat now. I had to keep listing the food that I had to eat growing up.... beef tongue, fried liver and onions, oysters, muscles.....Don't get me wrong. We definitely had our share of amazingly yummy food in our home. I still compare most of what I eat to my childhood and wish I could magically have some appear.

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Darilyn said...

Yes! We did have some great food growing up. Some weird ones too. I mean, who eats beef tongue?