Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring on the Batter

I am a waffle girl. I love the crispy outside and the soft inside. i even love it when they are crispy all the way through and I can eat them with ice cream. O own two different wafflers with a couple more on my wish list. So why is is that when I stay at the Koncurats I cannot get enough if these!!!!!


Some of you might be thinking."Whats the difference?" But there is, especially for my mouth! SO here are a few pancake ideas I indulged in during my stay last week.

They have the basic Aunt Jemima Pancake mix. I mix this up according to the usual directions. Then I added:

Tons of blueberries, to the point that you wonder if there will be enough batter to keep them together. You will still question this when you put them on the griddle, but the batter will puff up. I topped these with butter and powdered sugar.

Tons of banana chunks. Same as the blueberries. These I topped with butter and cinnamon sugar. The bananas become a little caramelized if they are poking out of the batter.

I wanted to do Banana Chocolate chip the next day but had run out of bananas. So Chocolate chip- won me.

My problem here was that I was dumping in the chips and suddenly thought- THESE are NOT blueberries! So you can imagine how chocolaty my pancakes were. I still ate them topped with butter and Powdered sugar! YUMMY!

Sooo that was my adventure with pancakes. I did not have any original photos since I could not keep them on my plate without eating them! What are some of your favorite pancake ideas?


Darilyn said...

I like to sprinkle cinnamon sugar generously over the pancakes while they are in the pan cooking. Then you flip it and it caramelizes on that side as it hits the heat. And then we eat them as is without adding anything to them.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Seriously, ladies, I'm getting hungry.

Have you ever cooked waffles with bacon in them? Naaaahhhce!

Krista said...

Too funny...I ADORE pancakes....especially when i'm pregnant! The photo of the pancakes with the crispy edges...YUM!!! I think I need to fill my pregnant belly with pancakes right now!