Sunday, August 17, 2008

Splashing Around

This past week my job was to hang out with the Koncurat's dogs. Literally. Jake and Zoe are two of the cutest puppies I have seen and been around. They had me laughing all week. Of course I was also extremely tired from getting up early every day to let them out. But I took all that in stride and had a great time with them.

This is Zoe. Do you see what I mean? Sooooo Cute! She has the puppy-dog eyes mastered!

Another highlight of my week was when Dani and her little girl Sarah came and visited. We hung out in the pool for a while and then had a little hot tub time. Sarah is almost a year old! Dani and Rich were able to adopt her last year after quite a search. She is happy and very loved with her little family.

What are we waiting for?

Oh ya, this is what I am talking about!

I think pool babe is my calling in life!


Jessie said...

Awww. Cute pics. I love watching babies and puppies. It's like therapy. Puppy and baby therapy... lol. Love your new layout.

Jason and Jamie said...

The pictures of Sarah are adorable! It looks like she had a great time at the pool. I'm sure the puppies kept you very busy--they are cute though!

SaraH G said...

How fun to 'meet' the other Sarah Gardner :)
Sounds like a fun week for the end of Summer!