Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn..... Till Dawn

Megan and I headed down to the Breaking Dawn release party in our fancy dancy new T-shirts! We each chose our one to love, she took Jacob so of course I had Edward, not that I minded :)

The party was hilarious with a debate on who Bella should choose, A Bella balance contest where the girls balanced twilight book son their heads, a trivia session and a small prom in the coffee shop. Megan and I would check in every now and again and laugh a little then go back to our cushy chairs to read.

My number was 510 to pick up my book. I was not actually the 510th person. The numbers started at 500 after the 130 pre-orders picked up theirs.

We headed home after that and I started reading about 1:00 am. I read till 7:00 am (I thought it would be cool to be reading breaking dawn as the dawn broke) and then settled down for a nap. I started reading again about 12:00 pm and finished around 6:00 pm.

Now I will just have to Wait it out till the movie comes out in December!


Rachel said...

Man, I haven't pulled an all-nighter like that in a LONG time. So glad you had fun! Maybe I should read those books...

Darilyn said...

I was a little afraid to read this because I don't want people talking about the book. I haven't started it yet. There are so many teenagers in that picture. There were hardly any at Barnes and Noble. i think I only saw a handful. They were all women our age and older.

Nellie said...

I finished, too, although I tore myself away to sleep. If I hadn't, I would not have exactly been the best Mom the next day. Not that I didn't ask them to stop talking to me while I was reading, etc., but no one was bleeding or anything!